Who are we?

The Recovery Guys Australia is more than just a massage gun company. We are the future of at home recovery, with multiple new products currently in production. Our brand represents the future of at home recovery products in Australia.

Our Vision

We have always seen the massage and recovery industry to be very overpriced, so our vision to shake this up and make our massage guns affordable and of highest quality. We are slowly becoming more and more active and many Australians rely on their weekly, monthly or yearly massages to give them pain relief. This is why our goal is to build an ecosystem of massage guns to power your day, no matter how adventurous it may be.

Our Story

To give you more of an insight into our brand as a whole, we need take it back to the very beginning. The Recovery Guys is based in Sydney, New South Wales, and came to life in 2019, and we have been rapidly growing ever since.

Like most businesses, we started out by trying to fix a problem. That problem being overpriced Physiotherapists, busy Australians, and no solution to muscle aches after training. We wanted to create a solution for all Australians, so that no matter the budget or how busy or adventurous your lifestyle may be, you could still have a way to enjoy a massage while on the go or from the comfort of your own home. This is when our founder Bishoy decided to make a difference.

We started off with a bang by launching our first product, our very own portable Massage Gun, within a few months our massage guns could be found in NRL and AFL locker rooms across the country. It wasn't long until we started helping over 7000 Australian's recover rom their injuries' or just relax and relieve muscle aches and pains after work or training.

In March of 2020, strict lockdown orders were put in place in all states across the country, this left thousands of Aussies unable to access their local Physio or Chiro, and more and more Australians were ordering our massage guns to get pain relief while in lockdown from the comfort of their own home. This hyper-accelerated our growth and from here we took the internet by storm. We are now expanding our product range to be suitable for absolutely everyone, by incorporating a specific massage gun for at home or in the office/gym and even on-the-go with our free carry cases.